Hotel in Excelsis is situated on the top of the beautiful Babe bay in the picturesque yet vibrant town of Novalja. Famous spot for many holidaymakers, Novalja is a great place to visit during the summer but as well a charming port that offers variety of choices in spring and autumn.

Choose vine & dine, cheese tasting, take a peek at Pag traditional lacemaking or just stroll down the delightful streets of Novalja while enjoying one of the most dazzling sunsets in Croatia…

75 stylishly designed and spacious rooms overlooking the azure Adriatic show how our architects have carefully combined modern and authentic elements in hotel’s interior and exterior design.

Local elements, such as olive tree, represent the essence of island life while Pag lace ornaments that can be spotted on every corner offer the understanding of rich Croatian cultural heritage.

As the name of the hotel suggests, we strive to provide our guests with exceptional service and experience of the highest degree. Also, the view from our sublime position will provide the most beautiful moments.

Make new memories and rise above the ordinary!

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