Pag is a fascinating island with unique geographical features – it is known for its moonlike landscape, rich cultural heritage, Pag Cheese – most famous and most international awarded Croatian sheep cheese, lamb and lace – widely known and appreciated.

Pebble and sand beaches ring the island while the Velebit mountain range dominates the Eastern landscape of Pag. The southern part of the island is covered with thick and high reeds and driving around makes you feel like you are in some kind of jungle.

In the north of the island you reach the picturesque, historic town of Novalja.


Novalja Town became the tourist center of Pag and it attracts young people from all over the world. Croatia’s most popular beach Zrće has over the last decade become one of the hottest world destinations for clubbers with biggest DJ names in the world! Therefore, the city of Novalja, in domestic and foreign media, is called the 'Croatian Ibiza'.

But Novalja and surrounding area are offering so much more - rich cultural heritage, mecca for recreation and sports, gastronomy paradise, beach heaven..



Make a unique place on the island of Pag, but also in the world. Among 80.000 olive trees. Some of them are more than 1.500 years old! Olive Gardens have been declared a strict botanical reserve and unique treasure of the Mediterranean.


One of the greatest island treasures is a unique ANCIENT AQUEDUCT from the 1st century. It is located inside the Town Museum.


Let the PAG LACE impress you

Pag Lace is a type of lace with an exceptional beauty of patterns and the centuries old tradition of making. The first records of Pag lace date back to 15th century, and the way of making and patterns were passed down from generation to generation.

Even today you can see the women making this beautiful artifact sitting on the doors of their houses in the narrow streets of Pag. Right in the town of Pag there is also the Gallery of Pag Lace.

The lace can be purchased in one of the gift shops in the town of Pag, but recommendation is to visit the Benedictine nuns of the Monastery of Santa Margherita, who were the main initiators of the lace craft in Pag and its style.

In 2009. Pag Lace was inscribed in the UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Try the famous PAG CHEESE!

Distinctively flavored sheep cheese originating from Island of Pag. It's the most admired gastronomic specialties and the most famous and international awarded Croatian sheep cheese.

It’s produced of the milk of Pag sheep that graze salty grass, because of the sea salt carried by strong bura wind, and aromatic herbs such as immortelle, sage and rockrose give specific kind of milk.

Every year, on the first weekend in July, there is a sheep and cheese fair in Novalja.  


Enjoy the many TURQUOISE BEACHES of Novalja

Babe, Beritnica, Ručica, Metajna, Jadrija, Caska, Planjka.. and many others.

There are only a few places on the Adriatic surrounded by as many beautiful natural beaches as Novalja. Whether you go north or south, you’ll soon reach one of these magnificent beaches, which will provide perfect comfort and relaxation. The beaches are wide, sand and shingle, with clear water.


Explore white gold of Pag Island - PAG SALT.

Salt is the white gold of the town of Pag being produced for a thousand years. The Pag salines are one of the oldest salines with the most intensive production on the Croatian coast. There is also a Salt Museum in former salt storage facilities in Pag Town.



The Pag sheep is a native Croatian breed that belongs to the group of Mediterranean sheep. They live throughout the island of Pag, where they are mostly bred today. Sheep breeding and tourism are the most important economic sectors in the area. The sheep are kept out in the open day and night throughout the year, so it’s an common sight for a flock of sheep to block your way and make your day.

p.s. they often visit our hotel’s garden, so you’ll meet them for sure!



On the mountain peak near Novalja, there is a natural phenomenon known as the Pag Triangle. It’s a land formation in the shape of an isosceles triangle. It differs from the surrounding area in the fact that the rocks inside the triangle are of different structure than rocks outside the triangle.

Although this phenomenon hasn't been fully researched, its existence is often associated with the appearance of UFOs over the entire Pag area in the past.



Originally built for the purpose of delineating the terrain, nowadays they are an essential of the island’s tourist attraction. The specialty of the dry stone wall lies in its simplicity – in order to construct it, only natural stone is used. Created by piling up rocks, are one of the most representative examples of indigenous architecture in their shapes, appearance and purpose.



Win the highest peak of the Island of Pag: Sv.VID.

Try: biking trails, hiking, trekking, diving, rock climbing, nordic walking, sailing..



Croatia’s most popular beach Zrće has over the last decade become one of the hottest world destinations for clubbers with biggest DJ names in the world! It has the perfect combination of paradise surroundings, crystal clear sea and fabulous party offers in open-air clubs. Several all-hours discotheques are also venue of many well known summer music festivals. Clubs on Zrce beach each year raises the ladder of entertainment quality successfully defending the epithet of ‘Croatian Ibiza’.



Pag is one of Croatia's more unusual islands, dry and relatively barren, with only a late crop of aromatic herbs, with a strange, almost lunar landscape. Perhaps that's why Pag and Novalja are quietly becoming known as desirable destinations for various film and advertising shoots.

Ridley Scott's The Terror, the Netflix comedy DJ Ibiza and the BBC series The Grand Tour all filmed on Pag. Destination motifs will also be found in Oscar-winner Gabriele Salvatores upcoming film, ‘Strangers in Paradise’.  

Novalja is also an increasingly popular destination for advertising shooting for highest class of the car industry, various fashion editorials for established magazines as Vogue - three world editions of this fashion bible were taking photo editorials on the beaches of Novalja…



The excellent geographic position of Novalja and its traffic connections allows visitors to enjoy a full sightseeing programme of the coast and other worthwhile places in Croatia.

The islands of Rab, Lošinj and Silba, the town of Zadar, Šibenik... National Parks: Plitvice, Krka, Kornati, Paklenica and North Velebit are all close by – that’s five of the eight national parks in Croatia at our guest's fingertips.

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